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Foundation board

waterkiosk Dr. Peter Grossmann

Dr. Peter Grossmann

Peter Grossmann has been President of the waterkiosk foundation since April 2019.

Antoinette Hunziker-Ebneter
Founding partner / Vice President

The waterkiosk foundation was founded in May 2011 by Antoinette Hunziker-Ebneter.

Since the beginning, she has been supporting the foundation very actively and has shaped waterkiosk according to her values and vision. Antoinette Hunziker-Ebneter travels regularly to Tanzania to meet the people whose living conditions have generally improved as a result of the waterkiosk projects.

Antoinette Hunziker-Ebneter has over 30 years of experience in financial and risk management. She is the CEO and founding partner of Forma Futura Invest AG, an independent asset management company focusing on financially sound investments that promote a sustainable quality of life, since 2006.

waterkiosk Dr. Elimar Frank – member of the board of trustees

Dr. Elimar Frank

Elimar Frank is co-founder of the waterkiosk foundation and an expert in technology and strategy. The SoWaDis systems used by the waterkiosk foundation were developed during his time as head of research at the swiss institute for solar technology in Rapperswil.

Elimar Frank has more than 15 years of experience in research and development of renewable energy systems, including nine years in a leading position at the university of applied sciences Rapperswil. He also has professional experience in developing countries.

He has been board member of the international solar energy society since 2009, and has been managing Frank Energy Gmbh, a consulting and service company for renewable energies, since 2016.

waterkiosk Leo Looser member of the board of trustees

Leo Looser

Leo Looser is an entrepreneur who during his remarkable career has built up an SME conglomerate. From 2004-2009 he was chairman of the board of directors of Looser Holding AG (Arbon), which is listed on the stock exchange.

He is currently chairman of the board of directors of the foundation “Familien Looser-Stiftung, Bad Ragaz”. He supports the waterkiosk foundation with his many years of experience as an entrepreneur and his personal network.

waterkiosk Christopher Wellauer

Christopher Wellauer

Christopher Wellauer is project manager for the Mbeya region in the southwest of Tanzania and board member since April 2019.

waterkiosk Fritz Jäckli

Fritz Jäckli

Fritz Jäckli has been committed to the waterkiosk foundation team since April 2019.

He studied at ETH Zurich (Civil Engineering) and at IAP (Industrial and Organizational Psychology). He has over 40 years of professional experience – of which over 35 years with his own engineering office – in the fields of water supply, building construction and civil engineering. For more than 10 years he was a part-time lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Winterthur.

In the field of water supply, Fritz Jäckli led projects in water extraction, treatment, storage and distribution. He has also developed strategic plans and emergency supply concepts for municipalities, regions and cantons.

waterkiosk Markus Knoblauch

Markus Knoblauch, MD

Markus Knoblauch, MD has been a member of the board of trustees of the waterkiosk foundation since April 2019.

Project management and administration

Ute Rütimann-Siegert
Project Manager Tanzania NE

Ute Rütimann-Siegert is responsible for our projects in the Northeast region of Tanzania.

In this capacity, she regularly communicates with Peter Ndumwa, our project manager in said region. She is at his disposal as a coach and discusses current and new projects.

She looks back on more than 25 years of experience in the swiss health care system and is also trained in adult education, coaching and project management.

Ute Rütimann-Siegert travels to Tanzania at least once a year and visits our projects. One of her many tasks is to conclude maintenance contracts with our local partners so that the plants can be self-supporting in terms of maintenance.

waterkiosk Christopher Wellauer

Christopher Wellauer
Project Manager Tanzania SW

Christopher Wellauer is responsible for our projects in Southwest Tanzania.

waterkiosk Silvia Grossmann

Silvia Grossmann

Silvia Grossmann has been the financial manager of the waterkiosk foundation since April 2019.

Bettina Wälti

Bettina Wälti supports the waterkiosk foundation in the areas of online and offline marketing as well as donor administration.

She works as a project manager at Forma Futura Invest AG, an asset management company for sustainable investments, and as a managing director at the Himalaya’s Children Foundation, which provides children from the Himalayas in Nepal with a good education.

“I am committed to the waterkiosk foundation because the results of our work are tangible. Every day is a good day when you have the ability to provide cleaner drinking water to students, teachers, doctors, patients and villagers.”

Team Tanzania NE

Peter Ndumwa
Project manager Tanzania

Peter Ndumwa is our key person in the Northeast region of Tanzania. He is a trained electrician with extensive experience in the field of solar energy and water.

Peter is very motivated and works tirelessly to achieve maximum system performance.

waterkiosk Hassani Abdallah Kagembe – electrician

Hassani Abdallah Kagembe
Electric installations

Hassani is our electrician and takes care of everything that needs electricity.

waterkiosk Hance Hubert Kimambo – planner

Hance Hubert Kimambo
Drawing, data preparation

Hance is one of the first to be involved in our projects; he draws up the plans and does all the calculations.

waterkiosk Benedict Amani Masuky mechanic

Benedict Amani Masuky
Installations and maintenance SoWaDis

Benedict installs and maintains our SoWaDis systems.

waterkiosk Anna Gasper Mrema office manager

Anna Gasper Mrema
Secretary, maintenance cost control

Anna ensures that our waterkiosk office operates smoothly. She is also responsible for controlling the costs of our maintenance orders.

waterkiosk Livin Paul Msafiri – electrician

Livin Paul Msafiri
Electric Installations and maintenance

For all our projects, Livin is available to us as an electrician and service technician.

waterkiosk Edes Ndumwa – project director Tanzania

Edes Ndumwa
Design and constructions, electric installations

As an all-rounder, Edes takes care of the electrical connections, the plans for a new system and its implementation.

waterkiosk Rachel Ndumwa – project controlling

Rachel Ndumwa
Finance control

Rachel makes sure that the project costs are kept within budget, and she also handles the bookkeeping.

waterkiosk Calvin Ndumwa – project coordinator SuMeWa

Calvin Ndumwa
Project coordinator SuMeWa

Calvin studies engineering in Arusha and does an internship at waterkiosk. He is responsible for project coordination for our SuMeWa plants.

waterkiosk Kennedy Jon Shirima – driver, construction worker

Kennedy Jon Shirima
Driver, installations and maintenance

Without Kennedy we wouldn’t get far, he is our driver and supports the team in the installation and maintenance of the systems.

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