DRINK & DONATE is a non-profit association. It stands for “drink tap water, donate drinking water”.

This association is committed to promoting the consumption of our excellent tap water instead of brand-name water transported by road.

Drink & donate generates donations through tap water concepts, especially developed for the catering trade, the hotel industry, companies and concert organizer. The donations are entirely used for the construction of drinking water projects.

Drink our excellent tap water and donate simultaneously to a drinking water project!

Drink & donate promotes tap water consumption in cooperation with restaurants, hotels and companies, and thus generates donations for selected water projects.

Tareno AG was founded in 2000 as a private limited company and is owned by three active partners. With around 40 employees and client assets under management of approximately CHF 2.5 billion, the asset management company is one of the 15 largest of its kind in Switzerland. In 2020 and 2023, we were named Best Swiss Asset Manager of the Year by BILANZ.

In 2007, Tareno launched the Tareno Global Water Solutions Fund one of the pioneers in the investment theme of water. The boutique fund takes a model-based investment approach and focuses on the systematic integration of sustainability criteria. The fund has received several awards for its performance as well as its sustainability strategy. The Tareno Global Water Solutions Fund focuses exclusively on businesses that contribute to the achievement of SDG 6 “Clean Water and Sanitation.” However, the fund’s team also wants to show direct commitment to the environment and has launched an Impact share class of the Waterfund for this purpose. In this class, a total of 25% of the management fee flows into charitable projects that provide people in developing countries with access to clean drinking water.

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