Questions and answers about waterkiosk

waterkiosk foundation

Why waterkiosk?

The waterkiosk foundation is a comparatively small foundation with the advantage that our team consists of highly motivated specialists. We have short decision-making processes, allowing for a lean administration and an efficient implementation of our values.

We are in weekly contact with our team on site and discuss each project personally.

Our foundation boards, project managers and team members regularly travel to Tanzania at their own expense and visit new and existing projects.

In which countries is waterkiosk active?

The waterkiosk foundation started with projects in bangladesh, madagascar (in cooperation with helvetas) and Tanzania.

Due to our very competent and motivated teams in Tanzania, we have decided to focus on the East African country until further notice.

How is the foundation financed?

waterkiosk is funded exclusively by donations and partners. Our most important partner at the moment is Drink & Donate – drink tap water, donate drinking water.


How can I donate?

The easiest way to donate is via the donation module on our website.

The you can pay with twint, credit card, postfinance, or paypal. We would also be happy to send you a payment slip, just send us an email to


Bank account

Payments in favor of our bank account with Zürcher Kantonalbank:
IBAN: CH54 0070 0110 0034 4740 7
waterkiosk foundation
Bederstrasse 49
8002 Zürich

Tax exemption

The waterkiosk foundation is tax-exempt according to the decree of 14 September 2011 of the cantonal tax office Zürich.

In most cantons, and in any case related to direct federal taxation, donations to the waterkiosk foundation by private individuals or legal entities can be deducted from taxable income.

For this purpose, we send out a donation receipt to all donors, which can be enclosed with the tax return.

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