SuMeWa – high performance drinking water treatment


Whenever a higher output or protection from repeat contamination is required, but also when the quality of raw water fluctuates, the SuMeWa system from Autarcon is used.

The “sun meets water” or SuMeWa | COMPLETE system is powered by solar energy. The handling and installation are simple and fast.

The necessary chemicals for killing germs are obtained from the salts present in the water.

The SuMeWa systems have the following characteristics:

SuMeWa | COMPLETE can process up to 400 litres/hour. Water can be pumped from depths of up to 70m.

The device operates completely energy self-sufficient thanks to its optimally adapted use of solar cells. The system does not even require batteries to provide sufficient germ-free water.

One of its unique advantages is the production of chlorine from the salt present in the water. As a result, the water is safely and sustainably disinfected without the need to add chemicals. With SuMeWa | COMPLETE, it was possible, for the very first time, to meet the micro-bacterial quality requirements of water for off-grid regions.

Integrated data transmission enables remote control of the system (online in the browser), and thus simplifies operation and maintenance.

Control and protection
SuMeWa | COMPLETE continuously adapts to the fluctuating quality of raw water. There is also overflow protection, flow monitoring and dry run protection (no operation without water).


Operating principles and specifications for a SuMeWa system are available as PDF.

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