Henry Gogarty Secondary School, Arusha Rural District, Arusha Region

Learning something for life.

The Henry Gogarty Memorial Girl’s Secondary School was founded in 2009 by the sisters of our lady of Kilimanjaro and is still run by them today.

The school is located on the Usa river, just outside Arusha. Today, the school has about 450 students. To be a bit more independent, the school started keeping chickens, cows, pigs and fish.

Important data:

Technology: SoWaDis

Performance: for 450 people

Input: ground water

Output: drinking water

Year: 2012

Sponsor: Secondary school Walenstadt (candle making)

  • waterkiosk Henry Gogarty Secondary School
  • waterkiosk Henry Gogarty Secondary School installation
  • waterkiosk Henry Gogarty Secondary School

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