Moravian Church Center, Mbeya Urban District, Mbeya Region

Maji Salaama

The SoWaDis plant built here is the first in the new Mbeya/Songwe regions and is located on the campus of the Moravian Church of Tanzania, South West Region. As project partner, it provides the project team with an office and a storage space for the material container. Under the project motto “maji salaama – safe water” the WKF team has built a demonstration and test facility here. Safe drinking water is available to the residents of the church campus and the guests of the hostel.

Important data:

Technology: SoWaDis

Performance: for 150 people

Input: Ground water

Output: Drinking water

Year: 2019

Sponsor: Drink & Donate

  • waterkiosk Moravian Church Center
  • waterkiosk Moravian Church Center
  • waterkiosk Moravian Church Center construction SoWaDis

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