Boma Center Orphanage and St. Francis Primary School for the Disabled, Moshi District, Kilimanjaro Region

Children with disabilities have an incredibly hard time in Tanzania. They are neglected and sometimes even persecuted and abandoned because people are ashamed of them.

The Boma Centre is an orphanage with an integrated school, the St. Francis school for handicapped (blind, visually impaired, deaf-mute), non-handicapped and albino children.

25 teachers (four of which are blind, and two deaf-mute) teach from kindergarten to seventh grade. Currently about 260 students attend the St. Francis school. Most of them are boarding school students. About one third of the pupils are day students.

The education in the classes is integrated, i.e. Including disabled students. Often, up to three teachers teach together and make sure that everyone can follow the lessons.

Important data:

Technology: SoWaDis

Performance: for 300 people

Input: ground water

Output: drinking water

Year: 2013

Sponsor: Grand Resort Bad Ragaz AG

  • waterkiosk Boma St.Francis
  • waterkiosk Boma St.Francis
  • waterkiosk Boma St.Francis
  • waterkiosk Boma St.Francis

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